Saturday, February 11, 2017

TilesFX with new sizing strategy

In principle I was fine with TilesFX except one minor thing...the fact that I missed to make the tiles stretch in x- and y-direction. Means nearly all tiles have been in a square format which lead to gaps in dashboard.
After someone created an issue related to the size of the demo that comes with TilesFX I've decided to rethink the sizing strategy of the tiles.
To make it more clear I've created a little video that shows the sizing behaviour of the former version 1.3.1 and the new released version 1.3.2.

As example I've used my little dashboard that I usually run in a browser via JPro on all possible devices.
So I hope the new sizing strategy will work out for those of you that use TilesFX and if you find any problems or if you have any ideas...please let me know :)

Well yesterday evening I had the idea to add a map tile to TilesFX and what should I say...I've implemented it this morning. So in the latest release (1.3.3) of TilesFX you will now also find a MapTileSkin which uses a WebView and leaflet to show a map. Here is a little screenshot of the new skin...

At the moment it only shows the current location which I've added as a property to the Tile class. If you change the location the tile will update the map view. I'm also planning to add points of interest and other features to it.

So enjoy your weekend and keep coding...

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